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Grays Dental Care has highly trained, friendly staff that really care...

Grays Dental Care is located at 62 Manchester Road, Altrincham on the corner of Barrington Road and Manchester Road, opposite the Emergency Services station and the Stables Restaurant.

The practice has been established since the 1890s, and built itself an exceptional reputation due to it's customer focused approach to dentistry, backed with an amazing team.
  • To provide the highest quality of clinical care
  • To keep you informed of your treatment as it progresses
  • To keep you informed of treatment options and costs
  • To maintain the highest standards of cross-infection control
  • To provide a safe and healthy environment for our patients, visitors and staff
  • To train our staff on all aspects of dentistry as defined by the General Dental Council
  • To keep up to date and implement the latest guidance on radiological safety
  • To listen to and deal promptly with your complaints or concerns

What we do.

We  carry  out  the  vast  majority  of  treatments  in  house  including:
Routine examinations & X-Rays
Decay prevention treatments (such as fluoride application)
Treatment of Gum Disease (gingivitis  and  periodontitis)
Tooth Whitening
Cosmetic Dentistry Crowns & Veneers
Root Canal Treatments (Endodontics)
The Restoration of Missing Teeth (prosthodontics) with:
Dental Implants
Extractions & Oral Surgery
Our  aim  is  to  provide  dentistry  of  the  highest  quality  in  a  relaxed  and  caring  environment.    We  believe  that  with  the  right  preventative  approach  dentist  and  patient  can  work  together  to  maintain  healthy  teeth  and  gums  for  life.    We  use  modern  evidence-based  techniques  and  the  best  materials  available  to  achieve  our  treatment  goals.  
Educate  –  provide  you  with  appropriate  useful  advice  so  that  you  canlook  after  your  teeth  and  gums  properly,  every  day  and  minimise  future  dental  problems.    Inform  you  about  your  dental  treatment.  You  will  often  be  given  multiple  treatment  options;  we  will  advise  you  on  benefits  and  also  potential  risks  and  complications  of  each.    We  will  always  be  honest  with  you  about  your  options.  What  sometimes  seems  like  the  most  convenient  option  may  not  always  be  the  best  for  long-term  stability.  Sometimes  no  treatment  is  the  best  option:  monitoring  the  situation  and  not  proceeding  straight  to  treatment  may  be  beneficial.    We  will  always  do  what  is  in  your  best  interest  –  wherever  possible,  we  usually  recommend  the  treatment  option  that  involves  doing  the  least  amount  of  intervention  with  the  fewest  possible  side  effects.    With  this  in  mind  we  believe  we  can  work  together  to  achieve  a  healthy  mouth  and  maintain  it  for  many  years  into  the  future,  even  for  life!
The team at Grays were superb.
They treated my dental problems with complete professionalism, and my teeth have never felt better.

Our friendly, professional staff make your visit a pleasure,

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62 Manchester Road, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 4PJ

(t) 0161 928 1813 (Reception)
(t) 0161 924 0331 (Registration)

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